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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Denver UFO Explained

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I have to admit, when I noticed reports of an unidentified flying object coming from legitimate news sources, I got a little excited thinking I was about to see proof of extraterrestrial life.

No such luck.
YouTube user lesnewsvids

One thing that I think we can accept as an absolute, is that whatever this is, it isn't anything from outside of our atmosphere.

With that in mind I'd like to put forward what I'm calling the "Brady Hypothesis".

Over 35 years ago the Brady kids had Alice's heart rate going off the charts with a stunt involving a flashlight and a blanket which they used to create their own flying UFO.

That UFO was not very far removed from the object defying explanation in the mile high city.
Brady Bunch UFO

If this isn't the result of some neighborhood kid's practical joke, and if it's not an airplane, or a bird, or a helicopter and whatever else aviation experts are saying it most definitely is not, then the explanation that pops immediately to my mind is the Brady one.

If you've ever used the face of a watch to reflect the sun's light into a person's eyes, or you are familiar with the optical effect known as a mirage, then you're well on the way to understanding what's going on here.

Point of observation.
Atmospheric conditions.
+ the unknown source of the projection.

Not visitors from another world or a prelude to December 21, 2012.

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