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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Black Hole Changes The Rules

NGC 1277, a galaxy 220 million light years away, give or take a  few trillion miles, has attracted the notice of astrophysicists looking for super massive black holes by being the host of the most super massivest blackest hole that anyone ever thought about.

Or never thought about.

To put it in perspective there's a black hole at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy that has a mass equal to 4 million of our yellow sun or put another way roughly as large as the solar system.
This new black hole is estimated to be as large as 17 billion suns.

That's really really big as this graphic from the University of Texas at Austin illustrates:

Not as mind blowing as "My god, it's full of stars!" but an exciting discovery nonetheless that, along with the news of a comet that may outshine the full moon, and the promise of exciting information from Mars (It has to be life, right?) keeps up 2012's track record for amazing news from space.

All of which I find more than appropriate in the year that the Mayans determined as pivotal in the life of the Universe.

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